“The Best Seller Badge: Your Secret Weapon to Skyrocket Amazon Sales”

There is a significant amount of competition on online marketplaces such as Amazon, making it crucial for brands to differentiate themselves. To increase sales, the Best Seller Badge is important to gain any advantage possible to differentiate yourself from other listings.

At Twenty Twenty, we recognize that brand profitability is impacted by four key factors: price, availability, conversion, and traffic. When you optimize for these areas, there is a higher likelihood of increased product sales in any marketplace

We have collaborated with numerous global brands and discovered that one advantage worth considering on Amazon is the Best Seller badge.

Why The Best Seller badge is important

Best Seller Rank shows Amazon’s strong sales.

The Best Seller badge on Amazon is awarded to the product with the highest sales in its category. The specific formula for determining the winner has yet to be discovered. However, factors such as pricing changes, promotions, and competition all have an impact.

Customer sales trends and historical volume primarily influence the Best Seller Rank (BSR). BSR is updated on an hourly basis. However, it tends to remain relatively stable.

The sales volume of a product can fluctuate hourly, but this does not necessarily result in a decrease in the BSR. Winning the badge requires consistent effort in optimizing sales, but it’s worth it for long-term success.

Helps Products Stand Out in Categories and Subcategories

The Best Seller badge is available for every category and subcategory on Amazon. This allows brands more chances to compete and succeed. If the badge only applied to main categories, reaching the top spot would be harder.

But with more opportunities, winning the badge becomes more achievable. Brands can have the badge even if they win in different subcategories.

This gives them an advantage over competitors and boosts sales. Pattern’s data-driven approach helps brands find niches and succeed on Amazon and other marketplaces.

We analyze subcategory options, assess competitiveness, and identify the best growth opportunities.

How Best Seller Ranks Increase Your Brand Profit

Brings More Traffic

Having the Best Seller badge on Amazon is important for your brand and products. It helps drive more traffic to your listings, which is a key factor in making your e-commerce business profitable.

Products with the Best Seller badge not only rank higher in search results but they also get 50% more views.

Amazon gives out the Best Seller badge because it benefits their sales. By showcasing top products with a catchy graphic, they attract more attention from consumers and convey value quickly.

By bringing more traffic to your listings, you’ll gain momentum and increase the success of your products in the e-commerce equation.

Increase Conversion

We all know that the Best Seller badge helps increase conversions, but less than it does traffic. Products with the badge usually see a 2-3% increase. And every conversion win adds to your product’s profitability.

It’s important to remember that e-commerce conversions take a lot of work to come by. It isn’t easy to convince someone to buy something they can’t touch or try out beforehand. Users need more ways of building trust with your product in a short period.

Having the Best Seller badge, along with positive reviews and great creative assets, helps reinforce the message that your product is worth buying.

At Twenty Twenty, We know how to make you profitable. We’ve worked with many brands and have the expertise to say that optimizing your traffic, conversion, price, and availability will improve your performance on any e-commerce site.

With our data insights, technology, and experienced teams, we can help you succeed in any e-commerce strategy.

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