Amazon announces key changes to selling on the European marketplace. What does it mean for your brand?

Is your brand selling on Amazon Europe through wholesalers? 

The online retail giant has just announced that it will start sourcing products directly from brands, rather than wholesalers or distributors (with some exceptions). 

The changes, due to start being implemented in April this year, are a means to keep a low cost base for Amazon, and ensure low prices for customers at the checkout. 

But what does this mean for brands selling on Amazon Europe, or those looking to expand into the European market soon? 

For brands, understanding the best way to sell your products on Amazon in the European market is key:

  1. With the new changes coming in, wholesalers can continue selling if they create an account on Amazon’s Seller Central to become a partner seller, or have sole distribution rights of a product
  2. If you’re the brand owner, Amazon will work with brands to source products directly, and you can manage the responsibilities internally, however with limited time and resources in ecommerce teams, this is often not a viable way forward for some brands
  3. An Amazon marketplace agency can support brands by helping with set-up, and managing the day-to-day operations as well as any promotions or advertising. 

Why Europe? Amazon’s European marketplaces help you sell across 28 countries. Amazon suggests that Germany and the UK represent some of the largest ecommerce countries in Europe – Germany with their appetite for fast delivery and the UK being an English speaking country.

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